This full range cabinet is rated at 1000w/4ohms. Using the same Celestion speakers as our 4x10” and 1x15” cabinet, this behemoth provides versatility and awesome power handling. Use the speakon inputs for full range output or jack inputs to bi-amp the 4x10” and 1x15” speakers (8 ohms per socket). A special custom version is available using Fane speakers (pictured). Housed in the usual bomb-proof marine ply, this isn’t exactly light. However, the roadies needn’t book an appointment with the chiropractor just yet; two integrated trundle wheels at the back, along with two sprung handles on the top, provide the leverage needed to help move this cabinet.


Small compact design but with awesome power handling and that mid-range punch for today’s modern bass sound. The cabinet comes with 4x 10” Celestion speakers producing 600w at 8 ohms of true bass. The cabinet can be fitted with 4x10” Fane speakers as a custom build.


Small compact design (well ... compared to its big brother, the full range cab compared to its big brother, the full range cab) especially for the smaller venue, yet powerful enough to use with our 200w Bass Head. A 1x15” Celestion or Fane driver rated at 400w/8ohm provides monster bottom end. Use with our 4x10” cabinet for that big full range sound. Awesome!


This amp is a tried and tested classic. The schematics faithfully follow the original DR201 from the very first Maxwatt line up. 4xKT88s, 3xECC83s and an ECC81 along with the trusty Partridge designed transformers, delivers the sound and tone in spades. This is the most popular head that we make for bass. In fact, some guitar players swear by this for full on LOUD!