The Custom 20w Head is the smallest amplifier that we produce in the Custom Shop. From bright spanking clean through to rich creamy overdrive: this amplifier can do it all! This Class A design uses 2xEL84 output valves and 3xECC83 in the pre-amp. The bass, middle and treble controls are part of a special design-tone network, acting like three extra volume controls at different frequencies! High & low sensitivity inputs. Gain & master volume controls. 4, 8 & 16 ohm selector for matching to any cabinet.


The Custom 20 Combo is available in either a 2x10” or 1x12“ cabinet. Exactly the same specification as the Custom 20 Head but in a rugged combo enclosure paired with special design Fane 75 watt loudspeakers. A powerful amp solution for playing at club level or in your home!


The Studio/Stage offers a switchable output of either 20w or 40w via a switch on the rear of the chassis. This is perhaps the most versatile Custom Amplifier from the Maxwatt Custom Shop! The amplifier boasts all the usual Maxwatt Custom features: Variable voltage selection (100v, 115v, 230v, 240v - means this amp can be used anywhere in the world), an impedance selector and two parallel speaker jacks. As a custom order option, the MKIII has a footswitch for both reverb and gain boost!


Featuring the same amplifier section as the Studio/Stage Head, the Combo offers rugged construction courtesy of its 18mm Baltic birch ply cabinet and a powerful depth of sound from its 2x12” Custom Fane 75 watt speakers!


The little brother to the DR103, the Custom 50w Head is a design classic! It has the same controls and features as the DR103. Like all the Custom Amplifiers, it is lovingly hand-built to the highest possible standards! Switchable to 4, 8 & 16 ohm output impedance and with18mm Baltic birch ply cabinet construction, this amplifier will last a lifetime!


Much like the famously used 2x12” Combo in the late 1960s and early 1970s at Abbey Road Studios by a well known artist, the SA212 is destined to be a classic with recording artists. Using the Custom 50 Head together with 2 specially designed 12” 75w Fane speakers, this amplifier will be popular both on stage and in the studio!


This 1x12” menace is built in the famous “Bulldog” 50 watt Combo configuration. Using the Maxwatt Custom 50 Amplifier Head together with a specially designed 12” 75 watt Fane speaker and assembled into an 18mm marine ply cabinet, it lives up to its pedigree name!


The Archetypal Maxwatt Amplifier! The Custom 100 Head employs Partridge designed specification transformers. It is powered by 4xEL34 in the power stage, with 4xECC83 alternatively 3xECC83 and 1xECC81 in the pre-amp, giving a tighter sound. Switchable to 4, 8 & 16 ohm output impedance, the DR103 allows you to select from 100, 115 230 and 240 volt sources. The dual channel pre-amp has high & low sensitivity inputs. Controls include: Normal volume, brilliance volume, bass, middle, treble, presence & master volume. There is simply no better, sounding, looking or engineered amplifier in the world!


This model is as unique to the Maxwatt catalogue and unlike any other guitar amplifier models. It is based upon the amplifier used by “The Generation.” This amplifier boasts more gain and a more responsive treble and bass control network. You will notice the absence of middle in the EQ and the presence of four channel volume controls as well as the master volume. The four independent pre-amp channels mean that this amp has 5 x ECC83 (12AX7) instead of the usual 4. Be warned: this amp is very loud indeed when cranked and takes no prisoners!


The SSD Combo is also available in either a Bulldog (1x12” pictured) or 2x12” Combo. The build and the dimensions are the same as the Custom Series combos. Having this amplifier mounted in a combo offers the player a portable and very powerful amplifier!


The Signature Custom 50 (SSD504) and Custom 100 (SSD103) Heads are based on the Custom 100 Head. These amps have the usual normal and bright channel inputs and includes a specially designed linked input. Using this input the guitar feeds simultaneously the normal and bright channels - the mix of which can be set using both channel’s volume controls.

These amplifiers are truly versatile and can provide unique custom tones together with extra pre-amp gain. A true Signature classic.

Available in 50W (SSD504, pictured) and 100W (SSD103)


The Signature SSJ Head (SAP) is based on the DR103 amplifier. Unique to this amp is the custom designed foot pedal. This gives the amp even more gain and boost. Using a seriously pro XLR input socket, you know this amp is specially designed for the “very best.” Add to this the unique Maxwatt choke input power supply, this amp just keeps on giving the more you take!


Just like the SSD Amplifier, the SSP Combo is also available in either a Bulldog (1x12” pictured) or 2x12 Combo. The build and the dimensions are the same as the Custom Series combos. Having this amplifier mounted in a combo, offers the player a portable and very powerful amplifier!


Designed with 2x12” Fane or Celestion loudspeakers, this cabinet is built to the highest quality with solid 18mm marine quality birch plywood. It is rated for 150 watt power handling at 16 ohm impedance. We have just added a 25mm (1“) back panel to add depth, power and bottom end to this cabinet! In our opinion, the best sounding 2 x12” cabinet on the market!


This cabinet has 300 watt power handling rating at 16 ohm impedance! Just like the 2x12”, it comes loaded with either Fane or Celestion loudspeakers, is built with solid 18mm marine quality birch ply and a 25mm (1“) back panel. In our opinion - the best sounding 4 x 12” cabinet on the market!

The 4123F uses our Custom designed 'Made for Maxwatt' Fane Speaker
The 4123C uses Celestion stock 7080 Speaker

Also available the following Custom options:
G12 Greenback
Vintage 30