Power with versatility, the G200R has 2 channels, each with its own 3 band EQ, plus master volume. The clean channel has a gain control, but the overdrive channel - the graunch you need - has a two-stage gain with contour control. Output is either 200w at 4 ohms or 240w at 8 ohms. The two channels, reverb and gain, are all footswitchable. Effects send/return with level controls, speaker out, line out and a headphone jack complete the controls. This head features: high input, 2 channel footswitchable 3 band EQ (bass, middle, treble) and gain on clean channel; 3 band EQ (bass, middle, treble), 2-stage gain and contour on overdrive channel. Channel 1 volume, channel 2 gain controls, master volume, effects send/return with level controls, reverb control (footswitchable), footswitch controls channel select, reverb on/off, gain select, external speaker output, line out, ground lift switch and headphone jack ..whew, take a breath! ... complete the controls.


For those of you who prefer the grunt of a 4 x 12” cabinet, this Head is the perfect alternative tone. This Head features: 2 high input channels (clean/overdrive), 3 band EQs in the clean channel (bass, treble, middle), 3 band EQs in the overdrive channel (bass, treble, middle), channel 1 volume controls, channel 2 volume controls, master volume, effects send/return with level controls, reverb control (footswitchable) and an external speaker output. This Head weighs 14 kg.


The Spitfire G8 has 8 watts of power, a 5” performance speaker, 1 high input jack, 2 beautiful clean and overdrive channels, 2 band EQ’s (bass & treble) and even a headphone output! This amp may look small, but do not be fooled! This is perfect if you are wanting to practice in your house or bedroom and the rest of the house doesn’t want to hear the music. The built-in headphone jack output delivers quality performance for your ears.


With an internal rechargeable battery lasting up to 8 hours, a microphone channel, high/low input level and tone control dials on the microphone input, this is a truly unique Maxwatt product. With 15 watts of power, an 8” high performance speaker and headphone jack this versatile little amp has a multitude of uses. On the guitar input you have high input, gain, 3 band EQ’s and a boost switch as well!

Built-in wireless capabilities coming.


The G15 puts out 15 watts of power and has an 8” speaker and a headphone jack. Controls include overdrive, pre- and post- gain, 3 band EQ and master volume.


The G15R has the same specs as the G15 except with an added reverb that is footswitchable.


The G20 is a straight forward little work horse of an amp with an 8” speaker and footswitchable gain. With the increased size and wattage, you get more frequency response, that gives the amplifier a lovely tone. A headphone jack also allows for silent practice, plus a CD input makes this a great little amp.


This 20 watt combo has an 8” speaker, footswitchable gain with the added feature of reverb. There is a versatile EQ section for both the clean and overdrive channel. A headphone jack and CD input round out this little package.


The highlight of this 20 watt combo is a built-in ALESIS digital-effects processor. The G20 AFX comes with an 8” speaker, footswitchable gain and reverb, a versatile EQ section for both the clean and overdrive channel and CD input. A headphone jack rounds out the features of this great little amp.
Built-in wireless capabilities coming.



“Two channels of gain to make your solo scream”

Winner of Guitar and Bass Magazine Gear of the Year Award
Best Guitar Amp under £1,000

Winning the prize in the under £1000.00 category the G100R Combo retails for far, far under this price. Many guitarist may assume the amp is £899 or £999, whereas the retail price is less than half. Contact your local dealer to try out a G100R today.

The G100R combo is definitely for those who prefer the grunt of a 4x12”. Built in are: 2 high input channels, 3 band EQ (middle, treble, bass) on the clean channel and 3 band EQ (middle, treble, bass) on the overdrive channel. Includes master volume, effects send/return with level controls and reverb control (footswitchable). External outputs include speaker output, line out and a headphone jack.


Our compact, but full performance 1x12 Combo. A two-channel independent three-stage EQ (bass, middle, treble) on both channels with independent volume controls for each. Together with a master volume, it also provides reverb on each channel. The classic setting will give you that smooth compressed tube overdrive sound to rock out to. Flip it to the modern setting and this amp goes full bore. Comes with a two-button footswitch for reverb and channel change.